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Oaks and Minor taking on the World

With ideal CBD Locations and stunning Resort Destinations, Oaks Hotels & Resorts and Minor International have created a contemporary hospitality group to take on the world. As one of Australia's largest apartment accommodation providers, Oaks currently has a portfolio of 52 properties across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the U.A.E. Oaks Hotels & Resorts offers a unique blend of stylish city hotels in central, sought-after locations and relaxed, resort style properties in some of Australia's most picturesque tourist destinations.

Specialising in affordable 4.5 star apartment accommodation, Oaks Hotels & Resorts also boasts a number of overseas properties in popular locations including New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, with India soon to join the portfolio. For both short or longer stays, Oaks Hotels & Resorts is an affordable option for singles, couples, families and groups alike looking for superior accommodation, friendly service and quality onsite leisure facilities.

Now owned by Minor International, Oaks will build on their profitable and solid business model in the management rights business to combine with Minor International's impeccable business credentials, creating a worldwide force in hospitality. In today's ever changing business climate, Oaks has a consistent record of unrivalled investment performance and are expanding at a great rate. 

Our Vision

To have our best “hands on” people, at prime locations in capital cities and only the most sought after tourist destinations, driving outstanding owner returns.

Our Future

In Australia we have designed an operational model, generating unrivalled profits to owners. Our successful model has been forged in an environment with exceptionally high staffing costs, relatively low room rates and very expensive development costs. With our new alignment with Minor International we have now created a partnership to take this unique model to the rest of the world.

  • Our Focus Oak’s primary focus, which is reflected in every decision we make and every task we do, is geared towards producing unrivalled investment returns to our owners.
  • Our Choice If all the fundamentals are right, then we will manage the property. We choose what we manage and success is about positioning a product into a marketplace at a competitive price.
  • Our Model Oaks operational model is unique, the operations within every hotel are individually tailored to meet guest expectations whilst maximising owner profits.
  • Our People Oaks selects based on attitude and values and train for skill. Our people are engaged to be multi-skilled and are not shackled by traditional job descriptions or hierarchy.
  • Our Revenue Hubs All revenue from both our sales team and online distribution channels are directed through revenue hubs which dynamically price each enquiry thus maximising our room rate and occupancy.

Star Ratings

In order to maintain our 4½ Star Rating we will be undertaking a refurbishment of the property. We are enormously proud of our standards and our commitment to providing a high quality experience. As a result, we have carefully staged our plans to minimise any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding as we complete our work.

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Oaks Property Refurbishments

It is paramount that we offer our guests a clean and comfortable place to stay, which in turn equals a better return for our owners. Oaks Hotels & Resorts provide a refurbishment plan for our owners to ensure that the quality of our apartments and furnishings are maintained at a high level. Our dedicated Asset Management Team works tirelessly to procure industry professionals to undertake the refurbishment work at the most competitive prices. Find out more about Oaks Refurbishment Program. 

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Awards and Recognition

Oaks Hotels & Resorts is proud to provide great accommodation. Click here to view a list of our awards.