Oaks Hotels & Resorts Give the Gift of Charity this Christmas Season

08 Dec 2011

Located in picturesque Port Douglas, Oaks Lagoons has been busy boxing up a quantity of analogue box sets, ready for transportation to Cairns via the boys at Bunzl; offering a delivery and distribution solution for the local scheme.

What stemmed from a joint initiative between Oaks Hotels & Resorts and Reuse & Recycle Cairns (RRC); has now become an ‘all-in’ collaboration involving four local charities, a handful of enthusiastic volunteers and the team at Oaks Lagoons.

Hotel Manager of Oaks Lagoons and part-coordinator of the Christmas initiative, Murray Worthington, is delighted at the response the TV donation has spurred.

“Rather than seeing these perfectly good television sets go to waste as landfill, we wanted to make a difference in the community and see them go to a good home; a home that may not be able to afford to own or buy a new TV this Christmas,” said Mr Worthington.

Aftercare Social Service, Ozcare, Homeless Hub and Lifeline have already put up their hands and expressed interest in the donation, reinforcing the need for charitable contributions this holiday season.

A not-for-profit organisation linking those in need with quality resources, RRC’s founder Char Paul said “we strive to create community networks, enable community groups to help the rest of us the way they want to, and to keep useable resources away from the tip.”

“For me, it is so rewarding to see a system working at its optimum, and to be a part of it,” she said.  

The move comes about as Oaks Lagoons prepare to ‘go digital’, replacing the analogue sets in all hotel rooms with new flat-panel screens.