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At Oaks Hotels & Resorts we aim to minimise the ecological footprint of our operations on the environment. Environmental sustainability is recognised as a key priority for our organisation.

This environmental policy covers our operations in Australia and New Zealand and highlights the environmental sustainability practices we are pursuing within our operations.

Our Commitment

As a major player in the hotel sector we feel that we have an obligation to contribute with a proactive and sustainable commitment to the environment. Oaks Hotels & Resorts is committed to reducing direct environmental impacts through (but not limited to) the following practices.

Water Management

  • Water saving shower heads have been fitted to all guest rooms
  • Taps fitted with water flow restrictions in all guest rooms, public areas and back of house
  • All water fittings are compliant to the latest standards
  • Guests have the option of re-using their towels, reducing water consumption and the use of washing detergents that place pollutants in the water
  • Dual flush toilets in all bathrooms
  • Water usage is monitored regularly
  • Signs in bathrooms encourage guests to save water

Waste Management

  • Oaks has a recycling program in place for office printer cartridge and waste
  • Kitchens utilise external services to collect and recycle old kitchen oil
  • Oaks encourages a reduction in paper usage in the office by eliminating all paper files
  • Oaks continues to work with suppliers to reduce wasteful packaging
  • Catering numbers are confirmed as close to the event date as possible, minimising wastage
  • Soft copy distribution of marketing collateral is encouraged where possible Oaks provides conference guest with fresh water, rather than bottled water Complimentary newspapers are now collected from front desk if requested and not delivered to rooms daily

Energy Management

  • Energy efficient light globes and LED lights are used throughout hotel public areas and back of house
  • Light sensors operate in public toilets and stairwells
  • Dimmers are fitted to all guest rooms
  • Windows open to help minimise air conditioning usage
  • All windows are double glazed
  • Guest rooms have room card insert energy saving switches
  • Staff and guests are advised to switch off lights and air-conditioning when not in use
  • Conference spaces utilise natural light to save on lighting costs

Policy Review

Oaks Hotels & Resorts reviews its environmental practices annually. We actively seek suggestions and opportunities to assist our customers to meet their long and short term Environmental goals.