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Maintaining your investment is paramount to ensuring your returns.

At Oaks Hotels & Resorts we know our guests expect contemporary, clean and well-maintained rooms - whether they're leisure or corporate travellers, that is part of the reason they keep coming back. Happy guests, equals better returns for owners.

We're also very proud of our brand values, from the sign on the door to the cleanliness of our rooms and the quality of our furnishings. Therefore it's imperative we always live up to the expectations of our guests, ensuring that every room is maintained to the same consistent high standard.

To guarantee all expectations are met and investors receive the best possible returns, Oaks Hotels & Resorts provide a refurbishment design and procurement team to ensure the quality of all furnishings are maintained and owners receive better value by way of group purchasing.

Each property is inspected regularly and maintained by way of a partial or full refurbishment every 6 to 8 years.

Our dedicated Asset Management Team works tirelessly to procure industry professionals to undertake the refurbishment work at the most competitive prices. Coupled with Oaks' immense buying power owners can take advantage of the considerable group purchase savings, while knowing that they're also receiving the highest quality products and finishes. It is also important to get the work done quickly, as we know time out is money lost.

To make it even easier to keep your investment up to standard, we have simplified the process by doing all the hard work and project managing the refurbishment for you in 3 simple steps -

Lady With ClipboardStep 1

Prior to circulating any information pertaining to a refurbishment our team of experts will conduct a full and thorough audit of apartments in Oaks' letting pool. Our audit will take into account the condition of the furniture and capital items which include, but are not limited to, carpet, paint, window furnishings, etc. Wherever possible, we will maintain items that can extend beyond the lifespan of general furniture items, like some appliances.

Lady on PhoneStep 2

Our Asset Management Team in collaboration with the Hotel Manager will communicate the refurbishment timeline. Each owner will be contacted and a programme recommended that will fit with owner expectations. At this point in time we encourage all owners to seriously review the need for maintaining their investment and take on board our recommendations.

Step 3

Where possible a prototype room will be completed and made available for inspection by apartment owners. On occasion, the Oaks team will host an information event which will also enable our Assets Management Team to showcase the refurbishment product and discuss your project with you personally.

Man PaintingStep 4

Once the payment plans are agreed to by individual owners, the refurbishment process commences. We will then work closely with owners so that they are kept informed as we progress towards the final inspection and sign-off. Once sign-off is complete, the apartment is returned to the letting pool. The expected time out of the letting pool is a maximum of 7 days, depending upon the extent of the refurbishment

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Mandy Cowie from our Asset Management team at MandyC@theoaksgroup.com.au

Mike Anderson
Chief Operating Officer

Recent Refurbishments by Oaks Hotels & Resorts

Before After

Oaks Horizons

Oaks Horizons Pre-RefurbOaks Horizons Post-Refub

Oaks Embassy

Oaks Horizons Pre-RefurbOaks Horizons Post-Refub

Oaks Plaza Pier

Oaks Embassy Pre-RefurbOaks Embassy Post-Refub

Oaks Plaza PierPre-RefurbOaks Plaza Pier Post-Refub

If you would like to know more, contact Mandy Cowie from our Asset Management team at MandyC@theoaksgroup.com.au